Someday Maybe Farms

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About Us

Mission Statement:
 To operate a sustainable farm in harmony with natural cycles. Our commitment is to produce the highest quality, naturally raised produce, livestock, poultry, vegetable plants and flowers.  We will improve our land and soil by natural means, using compost, conservation, crop rotation, cover crops, and thoughtful management, and have fun while we do it!

Shaun Lord started raising beef cattle for a perfectly good reason:  she wanted the best quality, chemical-free meat for her family.  Someday Maybe Farms was built on that premise but the unique name of the farm was spurred from their first love of horses.  In 1984, Shaun, her husband Mike and daughter, Quinn put together a Percheron mare hitch, which is a draft horse breed that is harnessed for show.  They traveled around the east coast to compete and used to say, "Someday maybe we'll win".  That "Someday Maybe" happened in 1991 when the hitch won the Canadian/American National competition in Michigan.  Shortly after, Quinn's husband, J.J. Kaye, left the corporate world and became involved with the farm and brought his business background and intense organizational focus.  Someday Maybe Farms currently includes 400+ owned acres on two farms with additional acreage leased for hay.  Both farms are set up for year-round rotational grazing and self sustaining corn and grain crops.  All of the pieces were in place to add the retail shop and greenhouses and Someday Maybe Farms continues to expand and provide from season to season.

Here are a few Someday Maybe Farms features:

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