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From the Farms


Someday Maybe Farms raised premium meats that are
hormone and antibiotic free.  Available at our retail shop in Forestville
and at the Fredonia Farmer's Market.

Beef (lb)                                                        Pork (lb)
Rib Eye~Delmonico          $13.99                   Center Cut Pork Chops          $5.49
(Average Package size = .5lb/$6.99)                           Smoked Ham Slices                $5.99
T-Bone                               $11.99                    Sweet Italian Sausage            $5.99
(Average Package Size = .45lb/$5.82)                          Medium Italian Sausage         $5.99
Sirloin Steak                      $8.49                      Hot Italian Sausage                 $5.99
(Average Package Size = .46lb/$5.49)                          Polish Sausage                        $5.99
Center Cut Chuck Roast  $5.99                     Maple Breakfast Bulk              $5.99
(Average Package Size = 2.25lb/$11.23)                       Sage Breakfast Bulk              $5.99
Ground Beef                      $4.99                      Maple Breakfast Links            $5.99
Steak Burgers                    $5.49                      Sage Breakfast Links              $5.99
Stew Meat                           $5.99                       No Season Ground Pork         $5.99
Soup Bones                        $3.49                       Maple Bacon                             $7.99
Beef Liver                           $5.49                        Canadian Bacon                       $7.99
Round Roast
$5.99 Baby Back Ribs $5.99 Sirloin Tip Roast $6.99 Spare Ribs $4.99
Sage Breakfast Patties $5.99 Maple Breakfast Patties $5.99
Beef Sticks Hot Pepper Cheese          $8.99
Smoked                               $8.99
Teriyaki                               $8.99
Free Range Eggs (Dozen)


We also offer custom meat packages for our beef and pork products.  You can purchase by the whole, half or split half for beef and whole or half for pork.  You can determine the exact cuts of meat that you would like as well as the package quantities.  Call us for further details and pricing and lead time information.

Farm Facts:

What is the shelf-life of eggs?

Eggs have excellent keeping quality; the type of egg (brown, “organic,” etc.) does not affect shelf-life. When kept in the egg carton (not in the egg tray in the refrigerator door) and properly refrigerated, clean eggs that are free of cracks will keep for months. Since eggs have very small pores in the shell, they can pick up odors from foods such as onions or fish that are stored next to them. This is another good reason for storing eggs in their retail carton or some other closed container.

Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Publication 8154