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Irish Dexter Cattle
Someday Maybe Farms proudly raises Irish Dexter Cattle

The Dexter Breed dates back to nearly 200 years. They originated in southwest Ireland in the early 1800s. Early Dexters were selected from the stock of indigenous cattle found in 1 the Kerry area of Ireland.  An Irish registry was created in 1879 and the breed's popularity soon spread to England.  An English society was founded in 1892 and by 1898, Dexters were exported.  

The Dexter cattle are one of the smallest true cattle breeds that are not miniaturized from another breed. They stand just 36 to 44 inches at the shoulder and weigh 750 pounds on average.   Dexters are efficient animals, producing rich milk and tender, lean meat on less pasture and feed than full sized cattle.  Beef animal mature in 18 months and result in small cuts of high quality lean meat, graded choice, with little waste.  The expected average dress out is 50-60% and the beef is slightly darker red than that of other breeds.
The Irish Dexter herd on the Someday Maybe Farms is based on long standing traditionally bred Dexter genetics. Primarily Eastern breeding, they reflect all of the early breeders importing Dexters and establishing premier herds whose bloodlines are sought after today. The Chautauqua Herd is black in color, (an occasional dun colored calf) deep bodied, with balanced length and depth. We do not breed dwarf type Dexters as we regard them as not productive enough for the purpose of ease of milking or carcass size for meat value. They are bred for improved udder, ease of calving, kind temperament, longevity, and the traditional beautifully horned Dexter. Polled Dexter genetics have no place in the Chautauqua Herd breeding program as polled is a new introduction into Dexter bloodlines with, in our opinion, dubious genetics. Horns are easily removed if so on the farms all of the Dexters are genetically horned for beauty and practicality as predators are increasing in numbers and boldness. Dexters are strong protectors of each other and particularly of the young. They are always on guard, very alert wherever they might be on the farms.
       We pride ourselves on strong, healthy, Dexters and practice preventive medicine keeping the farms clean, isolated, and all of the livestock happy in a natural farm setting. Our calves remain in the herd with the cows until weaning at seven or eight months. They then develop a strong immune system and know how to interact within the herd. Weaning is always a sad day for everyone involved!  Our heifers and a few select bull calves are ready for their forever homes in late fall, early winter. The Irish Dexter breed is truly a beautiful, dual purpose, practical breed that will provide milk and meat for a family a very long time.......we've never regretted maintaining a herd of Irish Dexters.

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